National Tou-Liu Senior High School

No.224, Minsheng Rd., Douliou City, Yunlin County 640, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-5-5322039   Fax: +886-5-5348213

Brief Sketch

  • 1946 Originally founded on April 15th 1946 as Tainan County Tou-liu Junior High School
  • 1949 With the establishment of senior department in August 1949, renamed Tainan County Tou-liu High school.
  • 1950 Renamed Yun-lin County Tou-liu High School.
  • 1954 Renamed under orders Provincial Tou-liu High School.
  • 1970 Renamed Taiwan Provincial Tou-liu Senior High School.
  • Formally renamed National Tou-liu Senior High School on February 1st 2000.

Characteristics of our school

  • Picturesque campus
  • Culture and education fund of 13million
  • Cradle of doctors
  • Remarkable counseling and guidance work
  • Drug education
  • Environmental education
  • Green city reading workshop
  • Art class, galaxy of the talent
  • Organize nation-wide conferences

Foundamental Principles
Create a warm, effective learning surroundings.
Enhance living education, foster students’sensible dispositions and habits.
Perform administrative functions, raise service accountabilities.
Conduct education of democracy and law, cultivate prominent modern citizens.
Implement creative teaching and multiple assessment, develop students’ abilities in critical thinking and problem-solving.
Plan prospective counseling strategies, help students display their unique talents.
Combine community resources, reach consensus to exercise educational functions.
Encourage teachers to join further professional trainings, advocate the idea of lifelong learning.
Multiple intelligence creativity and innovations
Consolidation of humanity and technology
We promote
Science education
Art and craft teaching
Diverse in-service trainings
Holistic education
Information education
Five areas of education Vigor and vitality
We advocate
The spirits of democracy and law
Living education
Physical instruction
Extracurricular activities
Ethic education
Students’ abilities in dealing with situations
Health trainings
Care and Concern Adaptive development
We advance
Parental education
Counseling column
Life education
Gender equality education
Integrated assistance system for instruction, discipline and guidance
Career counseling
The treasury of knowledge The source of wisdom
We stress
Rich collection of books and hardware equipment
The latest information of library and advanced education
Computer network management
Teaching-related trainings
On-line library catalog search
Class reading workshop

Future prospects

Improve soft- and hardware equipment to supply high-quality teaching environment and to promote up effectiveness.Inaugurate a native artifacts gallery to preserve our cultural heritage.Establish an art exhibition center to display the work of teachers and students.Set up a career guidance resource center to provide information on career development for teachers and students.Build a gymnasium to back up physical trainings and to exercise students’ body and mind.Push ahead high school communalizing to combine community resources and to perform educational functions.Advance holistic education to make students sound in body and mind and to help them develop adaptively.Consolidate information education to cultivate students’ idea of lifelong learning.Found digital library to offer personal audio-video services and to advocate the use of network.Better foreign language teaching to equip students with good command of English and insightful global vision.